Mr. Mahendra Ashok Giri

M. Pharmacy | Assistant Professor | Department : Pharmacology
Total Experience in Years

Teaching: 12
 Industrial: 0

No. of Papers Published
National/International: 15
Papers presented in conferences
National/International: 05
Professional memberships
Indian Society for Technical Education, IPA
Grants fetched

Core competency area
Neuropharmacology, Nanotechnology, Preclinical research, Biostudies
Other information
Google Citations Service
  1. Citations: 118

2. H-index: 5

3. i10-index: 4

4. Research Gate score: 8.79

Publications Details:
1. Research Paper Entitled “Fabrication and Characterisation of gemcitabine hydrochloride loaded magnetically responsive mesoporous silica nanocomposites as smart hybrid theranostic platform for treatment of pancreatic cancer” in Material Technology, 2020: 1- 8.
2. Research Paper Entitled “Design and development of paliperidone mesoporous silica template as a platform for surge dose drug delivery system” Materials Technology, 2019;34(3):117-125.
3. Research PaperEntitled “Formulationand Evaluation of Topical Anti-inflammatoryherbal gel” in Asian J Pharm Clin Res, 2019; 12(7):252-255.
4. Review Paper Entitled “Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles as Theranostic Platform for SmartDrugDe-livery:AReview”inJournalofNanomedicineandNanoscienceResearch, 2017;(5):1-11.
5. Research Paper Entitled “Exploration of Mixed Hydrotropy Strategy in Formulation and Development of Etodolac Injection” in Journal of Nanomedicine Research, 2016;3(4):1-7
6. Research Paper Entitled “Antisecretory and antiulcer effect of hydroalcoholic extract of leavesofArgyreaNervosa”inIndoAmericanjournalofPharmaceuticalResearch.2015;5 (6):2151-2156.
7. Research paper Entitled “Antiulcer Activity of Methanol Extract of Leaves of Bauhinia racemosa Linn (Leguminaceae)” in Research Journal of Pharmacy & Technology Jan- 2011; 4(1):124-127
8. Research paper Entitled “Phytochemical Investigation and Pharmaological Screening of Alienthusexcelsa Linn. Leaves as Anthelmentic activity in Earthworm” in Research Journal of Pharmacy & Technology Jan-Mar 2010; 3(2):244-246
9. Research paper Entitled “Antiulcer Activity of the ethanol extract of leaves of Sesbania grandiflora(linn.)”inInternationalJournalofPharmacy&PharmaceuticalSciences2010; 2(4):206-208
10. Research paper Entitled “Gastroprotective effect of hydroalcoholic leaves extract of PongamiaPinnata” in International Journal of Pharma & Bio Sciences Jul-Sep 2010;1(3)
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