Sr. No. Name of the faculty and co-authors Title of the paper Details of publications
1. Telange DR, Jain SP, Pethe AM, Kharkar PS, Rarokar NR Use of combined nanocarrier system based on chitosan nanoparticles and phospholipids complex for improved delivery of ferulic acid  International Journal of Biological Molecules (IF: 5.16), 171 (2021); 288-307.
2. Telange DR, Jain SP, Pethe AM, Kharkar SP Egg white protein assisted development of solid dispersion for improved aqueous solubility of permeability of poorly water soluble hydrochlorothiazide AAPSPharmSciTech (Accepted, IF: 2.4)
3. Telange DR, Sohail NK, Hemke AT, Pethe AM, Kharkar SP Phospholipid complex-loaded self-assembled phytosomal soft nanoparticles: evidence of enhanced solubility, dissolution rate, ex vivo permeability, oral bioavailability, and antioxidant potential of mangiferin  Drug Delivery and Translational Research (IF: 2.66), 2020; 1-28
4. Telange DR, Ukey SA, Hemke AT, Umekar MJ, Pethe AM, Kharkar PS Lipoid spc-3-based coprecipitates for the enhancement of aqueous solubility and permeability of ranolazine Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation (IF: 1.69), 2020, 1-16.
5. Telange DR, Gujar S,  Pethe AM Supramolecular complexes of phospholipids and β-cyclodextrin with bioactive β-carotene: a comparative physico-chemical and functional evaluation Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (IF:  0.425), 54(2); 2020; 1-10
6. Kendre PN, Borawake N, Jain SP, Vibhute SK, Pote A An effort to tailor the solid dispersion loaded, surface-modified, microporous-cryogel formulation of acitretin for the treatment of psoriasis Materials Technology (IF: 1.73), 2020; 1-11
7. Kendre PN, Chaudhari PD, Jain SP, Vibhute SK An effort to augment solubility and efficiency of the oral bosentan‑bucco‑adhesive drug delivery system using graft co‑polymer as the carrier Polymer Bulletin (IF: 2.0), 2020; 1-23
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10. Chaudhary AK, Khan SL, Chaudhary RS, Jain SP, Siddiqui FA Β-Sitosterol: Isolation from muntingia calabura linn, bark extract, structural elucidation, and molecular docking studies as potential inhibitor of SARS-CoV2 M (COVID-19) Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, 13 (5); 2020; 204-209
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13. Pund AA, Saboo SS, Sonawane GM, Dukale AC, Magare BK Synthesis of 2,5-disubstituted -1,3,4-thiaiazole derivatives from (2s)-3-(benzyloxy)-2-[(tert butoxycarbonyl)amino]propionic acid and evaluation of antimicrobial activity Synthetic Communications (IF: 1.79); 2020; 1-12
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30. Shivatare RS, Musale R, Lohakare P, Patil D, Chaudhary D, Ganu G, Nagore DH, Kewatkar SM Isolation, identification and characterization of ximenynic acid with anti-aging activity from Santalum album International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences 2019; 1-6
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